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New website and webshop for Korsbakken

Ur developed Korsbakken's new website in 2023. Korsbakken is increasingly reaching its customers digitally, and is in need of a modern, fast and neat website. The website is multifunctional, taking the form of both landing page, information page, blog, showroom and online store.

The new website was launched in 2023 and has already been characterized as “the best website in the industry”.

LO-fidelity design and probing

The project to develop a new website for Korsbakken started like many other projects in a phase of design, search and probing. Initially, wireframes were created for larger parts of the website. This allowed both the design team and Korsbakken to effectively see the effects of different layouts, sizes and components, without getting caught up in the details of font and color.

Hi-fidelity design

After the LO-fidelity design had been iterated over enough for everyone to agree on a general direction, work began on fonts, colors, and more detailed component work. Here, Korsbakken got to see and feel different variations of color and fonts that gave different expressions on the website. This process made it clear to Korsbakken how to easily make the website look and feel different depending on minor or major adjustments.

This also allowed Korsbakken to put its own mark on the website.


Korsbakken Bad



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Website and online store development

After an initial version of the Hi-fidelity design was nailed down, development of the website began.

A technology choice was made together by the parties to use Next.js, TrPC and Prisma ahead of PostgreSQL as the database. This makes the website both modern and fast.

The website also contains an online shop for Korsbakken's corporate customers. For individuals, this online store can be used to create wish lists and then contact retailers.

Dealers can also be found on the custom-made dealer map showing all Korsbakken's dealers around our country. The dealer map is developed with Google Maps and with superclusters to cluster retailers together at certain zoom levels.

Setup of Sanity

The website additionally contains a number of dynamic pages that can be modified by Korsbakken himself. This applies to both fixed and self-made pages.

Sanity was chosen as CMS to make it easy for Korsbakken and Ur to collaborate on all dynamic content, and has made Korsbakken completely free to edit all dynamic pages themselves as needed.

Sanity has been extended with tailor-made functionality in e.g. buttons that facilitate the workflow of Korsbakken.

Integration with ERP and PIM

In addition to Sanity, the website has been extended with integrations against both the ERP system Visma Global and the PIM system Feeds® by iSys.

These integrations allow orders on the website to automatically enter the ERP system as orders, and that product updates are automatically synchronized back to the website.

This allows Korsbakken to always have steel control on both orders and inventories.

Development of bathroom packages

The website of the cross ground has several sales funnels. One of the most important of them is bathroom builder where you, as a user, can assemble your dream bath from a multitude of preconfigured packages.

Shower Builder Development

The other important sales funnel is shower builder. Many of Korsbakken's customers are looking for a new shower, and the shower builder allows the customer to configure exactly their dream shower that fits both in shape and color.

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